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Redding California Photographers have it lucky. The beautiful natural world that surrounds Redding, including: Mount Shasta, Patrick's Point State Park, Shasta Caverns, and Calatrava's landmark Redding Sundial Bridge offer stunning landscape views and amazing adventure opportunities. Learn more about Redding and Dr. Chris below, and brows the hundreds of landscape,a portraits, and more on Redding California Photography.

About Dr. Chris

Dr. Chris Nelson is a photographer and dentist who lives in Redding, California. His passion for creativity is shared with his community through photography and dentistry. During the week, Dr. Chris practices dentistry at Hill Country Health and Wellness Center (, as well as with his father at Nelson Family Dental Group ( On nights and weekends, Dr. Chris is fully committed to capturing the beauty of Northern California. As a Redding Photographer he is excited to share his talent and passion for our community online, in print, or for hire at your wedding, event, or portrait session. Contact Dr. Chris at:


Shasta Mud Run 2016

Shasta Mud Run 2016

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2016 /2015 Mud Runs

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Northern California Landscapes

Oregon Truck

Oregon Truck

This photograph has a special story. It was captured on the day I decided to purchase my wife an engagement band. I was in Oregon on business, and the day prior noticed this Dodge Truck in the field just outside of Sisters Oregon. The next day, my dad and I headed to the spot and just as the sun set I captured the image. But you really only want to know the story about the engagement ring, right? Well, the story continues... as my dad and I attended a goal-planning course, we were asked to think about "what matters to you?" ... and I made up my mind. Family. So, a few hours later, after capturing this photo, I found a jeweler on the way home and purchased the ring. A special day.

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