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Sundial Bridge and Snow BW
Sundial Bridge in the Rain


Redding California Photographers have it lucky. The beautiful natural world that surrounds Redding, including: Mount Shasta, Patrick's Point State Park, Shasta Caverns, and Calatrava's landmark Redding Sundial Bridge offer stunning landscape views and amazing adventure opportunities. Learn more about Redding and Dr. Chris below, and brows the hundreds of landscape,a portraits, and more on Redding California Photography.
Photographed near Sisters Oregon at Smith Rock State Park.

About Dr. Chris

Dr. Chris Nelson is a photographer and dentist who lives in Redding, California. His passion for creativity is shared with his community through photography and dentistry. During the week, Dr. Chris practices dentistry at Hill Country Health and Wellness Center (, as well as with his father at Nelson Family Dental Group ( On nights and weekends, Dr. Chris is fully committed to capturing the beauty of Northern California. As a Redding Photographer he is excited to share his talent and passion for our community online, in print, or for hire at your wedding, event, or portrait session. Contact Dr. Chris at:

"Prints Available for Purchase Today" are photographs which are ready to hang on the wall, some as stretched canvas, others as framed behind glass, mostly in 20''x30''.  Most of the prints available today are discounted to just above cost.  Email for more information.  You can also purchase any photo on the site as a ready-to-hang framed piece.

Northern California Landscapes

Lake Shasta Bridge Remains

Lake Shasta Bridge Remains

Only about three times in the past 20 years has Shasta Lake been low enough to reveal secrets of the past, like this bridge. To get to this vantage point, we had to brave a kayak trip across a muddy, muddy mess of a closed boat launch. The dramatic clouds and crazy smooth water were developed by a very long exposure, granted by a LEE Big Stopper 10 stop ND filter, and a few graduated filters... and an amazing, totally incredible and rare late summer rain clouds and northern california afternoon light. I've geotagged the photo, if you're thinking of planning your next adventure. Also, there is a 1,000 foot concrete train tunnel next to the bridge which is fun to explore by kayak. How did the hammock get in the photo? Lots of careful positioning with two kayaks, multiple camera exposures, and a whole lot of luck. Thanks Scot for being such a patient outdoor model!

Prints Available for Purchase Today

Sky over Mt. Shasta

Sky over Mt. Shasta

The clouds over Mount Shasta are always shifting and at times an amazing view turns into nothing special before you even have time to get your camera out of your bag. This time, I got it. The sky participated, and showcased a nice perspective of the mountain.

Featured Redding California People

Nick and Deena

Maternity photos for Nick and Deena at Old Shasta! As of April, Deena delivered their baby! Congratulations to the beautiful family!

Geotagged Photographs

Tiles courtesy MapQuest