Dr. Chris Nelson is an avid Northern California landscape photographer.  He enjoys bringing his camera everywhere he goes, and captures the beautiful landscapes of Redding regularly.  Additionally, in the Northern California gallery you'll find some photographs from travels that stretch a bit farther away from the West Coast.  

Consider purchasing a digital download for personal use which you can then have printed at your own printing location.  Also, you can purchase prints straight from this site which will be delivered ready-to-hang on your wall as a canvas or other mediums.  Probably the best deal, though, is to contact Chris and have him prepare your order personally and have it hand delivered to your home or office in or around Redding.  Direct-through-Chris orders are the least expensive way to have a piece of Redding California Photography of your own.

Finally, for you business owners out there, Chris offers full-service design and installation of office artwork, which can be rented as a rotating gallery, or purchased with a payment plan for a reasonably low monthly fee.  Check out the Facebook page for examples of several local businesses enjoying Chris' work.